We are Condor Media

A consultancy agency for the 21st century

We help brands stay ahead of the curve by innovating and delivering strategic solutions tailored to the modern digitized environment. From web and mobile solutions to communications and marketing, we have the human capital and expertise to make it happen.

Web and Digital Solutions

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses and is no longer simply a technology feature for the IT department to handle. Lacking the proper digital presence can affect your ability to operate efficiently and cost millions. Let our team help you adopt the right infrastructure for your digital needs.

  • Web Design

  • Data Collection Infrastructure

  • Customer Acquisition Pipelines

Insight and Analytics

We offer analytics solutions for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.  Make the most out of your data with our customized analytics solutions.

  • Data Management

  • Analytics / Machine Learning

  • Data Classification

Marketing and Brand strategy

Let our team design and implement a strategy to drive sales while strengthening your brand identity and digital presence.